Excellent figure with a 3 dimensional, or wavy, quality.

Medium hardness. Significant darkening and patina buildup with age.

Expensive and getting more difficult to obtain good quality.





Very tough hardwood with good figure. Some grades can be obtained with very wavy, or curly grain. Birdseye maple can be special ordered.

Stays light in color, but stains well.




Vertical Grain

Vertical Grain Fir

Soft wood, straight grained.

Ages to a beautiful red color in a matter of months.

Good for Shaker style or less complicated cabinetry where simple, sharp, and straight lines are required.



Rift sawn white oak

Very hard, straight grain, but the quarter sawing exposes fabulous " Rays" which give the wood a character all it's own.

Classic Mission style furniture with a red stain usually is white oak.



Blue pine

A number of our log home kitchens are built from this distinctive wood, some cut on the owner's property.

An enzyme attacks the pine tree as soon as it dies. We harvest the tree within a year, and the wood is filled with blue and green streaks which accent the grain matching.

Soft, so no need to "distress".



Black Walnut

Medium hard.

Very nice figure and takes a finish well. Good for accents and trim.

One of our favorites but needs a well lit area.





Rustic Alder

Soft, light wood.

From the American West comes the soft, light wood of the alder tree with
its natural quirks-open and closed knots, burls, worm holes, mineral streaks
and small cracks that lend to a kitchen.